Uncle Daud Defends Lambert

Well, the pro-Hamas Lobby has decided to back Bob Lambert after all. Here’s Daud Abdullah in (where else!) Comment is Free:

The “exposure” of the former special branch officer Bob Lambert comes at a convenient time: it can serve as a distraction from the scandals that have engulfed the neocon tendency in the government. Lambert has been a staunch critic of the government’s Islamophobic rhetoric and exclusivist policies. This, to a large extent, explains the excitement that has greeted disclosure of information about Lambert’s past career among certain people.

These people seek to achieve two things: to assassinate Lambert’s character and discredit his academic work. Both will fail.

Nice try mate. A small anarchist group is part of the World Wide Neocon Conspiracy? Of course it is.

Even more amusing is the subheading of Uncle Daud’s article:

Those of us who worked with Lambert knew of his police past. What matters is how his approach kept Muslims from extremism

Coming from a man so extreme that his refusal to backtrack from the terrorist threats contained in the pro-Hamas Istanbul Declaration resulted in both Labour and the Coalition breaking off relations with the Muslim Council of Britain, that’s pretty cheeky!

Check out the comment thread for even more drollery.

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