Save One Life


Daniel Taub, the new Israeli Ambassador says:

The Israeli insistence, almost obsession, with saving a life at any cost, has powerful roots in both the Jewish and Israeli psyche. He who saves one life, states the Talmud, it is as if he saved an entire world. And of course, no two Jews can raise a glass without the traditional toastLechaim! – To life!

Is it possible to overvalue life? Have our tradition and national psyche clouded our judgment and created an Achilles heel?

Disturbingly, the terrorist groups we confront seem to think so. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah once declared “We shall win because the Jews are weak and love life.” Fathi Hammad, a leading Hamas figure echoed this credo as he defended the strategy of sending women and children to shield terrorist bases: “We desire death as you desire life!”


Chris McGreal in The Guardian:

He was asked whether, now that he was free, he would campaign for the release of remaining Palestinian prisoners. He said it would make him very happy to see all Palestinian prisoners released.

Gilad Shalit, correctly reported in Ynet:

“I would be happy if they are released, on condition that they stop fighting against Israel.”

(via CiFWatch)

Gene adds: Contrary to Yvonne Ridley’s expressed hope, it appears Gilad Shalit has not “embraced Islam.” Poor Yvonne.

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