Stephen Sizer’s Reading Habits

Let’s say you stumbled across a blog called “The Ugly Truth”. This is its tagline:

Zionism, Jewish extremism and a few other nasty items making our world uninhabitable today.

The blog’s homepage is adorned with this image.

And this one.

Any doubts about what is going on? One could also look at the short blogroll. Among other horrors, “The Ugly Truth” suggests a website of Hesham Tillawi and another called “Ziopedia”. Tillawi and “Ziopedia” promote Holocaust denial.

The article you were reading includes this Holocaust mockery from Carlos Latuff. See, wicked Israel using the Holocaust to gain sympathy and mask its nefarious purposes!

The article itself was written by far left Israel basher and ridiculous champion of 9/11 troofers Ray McGovern. In other words, one of the last people one should trust on the subject of the article – Iran and nuclear weapons.

It would be pretty clear you had ended up in a loony and racist internet swamp, right?

Well, that’s just what Stephen Sizer did a few days ago. His reaction? The vicar of Christ Church in Virginia Water (Church of England) recommended people visit the website.

This is no first. For example, Sizer suggested people read the output of the hate publishers of the Palestine Telegraph just this summer.

That followed his visit to Kuala Lumpur to promote the Hamas supporters and racists of Viva Palestina Malaysia, which was another typical escapade for Mr Sizer.

This time around, “The Ugly Truth” is the work of American racist Mark Glenn. This is how the ADL describes Mr Glenn:

Mark Glenn is a contributor to the American Free Press, an anti-Semitic, conspiracy-oriented publication, and the head of the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement, an anti-Semitic Muslim-Christian interfaith group he co-founded with Hesham Tillawi in 2005. Glenn has written that Jews “pride themselves on their collective character traits of haughtiness, callousness, violence, dishonesty and viciousness.” Glenn has been a frequent speaker at events organized by adherents of Christian Identity, a virulently racist and anti-Semitic religious sect. He has also been a board member of The Barnes Review, a Holocaust denial magazine. On July 21, 2003, The Arab News, Saudi Arabia’s largest English-language daily newspaper, printed “Israel, We Bless Thee,” a hate-filled, conspiracy-laden diatribe by Glenn that blames Israel for a long list of events, including the September 11 terrorist attack, the 2001 anthrax mailings and the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Stephen Sizer has proven to be a promoter of extremists and racists time and time again. As far as I know, his church has done nothing to rein him in. If this is true, it is shameful.

Stephen Sizer in his element

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