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Interpal and Hamas: Ibrahim Dar, the Awlaki Fan

Ibrahim Dar, who also goes by the name Abu Hana, is the Bradford representative of the British charity Interpal.

Like his fellow Birmingham representative Zaid Hassan and other prominent figures at Interpal, Dar has been granted the privilege of meeting the head of the group Interpal serves: Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas.

Serving Hamas may not be enough for Dar. He has said he wants to move to Pakistan to “re-establish” Islam and die a “martyr”.

He has models. Here he cheers an attack on US troops in Afghanistan, saying

mujahideen only have victory, and they get the highest rewards, there is no such thing as being defeated, the ultimate success is Islam

This is the video he is referring to. Lots of shooting and cries of “Allahu akbar”. Oh joy.

Dar has ideological inspiration too: Al Qaeda preacher and recruiter Anwar Al-Awlaki. Dar’s Facebook account is littered with links to Awlaki videos, audio tapes and articles. Dar says Awlaki “follows the truth” and is even a “don”.

Dar also promotes Awlaki here and here in the name of “youth services” on his “Youth Talk Dawah” (propagation) website.

Dar’s postings also feature known extremists Murtaza Khan of Britain; Khalid Yasin of America, who was promoted by the recently convicted Manchester terrorist ring; and Feiz Muhammad of Australia, an extremist preacher with multiple links to terrorism cases. The messages of the extremist party Hizb ut-Tahrir are also spread by Dar.

Bin Laden too gets a nod. In June Dar posted this video to Facebook. It is a jihadi song about the glory of death as a “martyr”. It was uploaded by a Youtube user when news of Bin Laden’s death had broken. The user titled it “Winds of Paradise Dedicated to Sheikh Usama”. Dar called it a “beautiful nasheed” (religious song).

Interpal does have its defenders, of course. One of them is Robert Lambert, the former Met copper who is funded by and politicks for extremists in the UK aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. Note how he does it. He portrays Interpal as a bulwark against Al Qaeda, as reported by the Huffington Post:

Abu Hamza hated the work of Interpal and of Jeremy Corbyn because for him the Conflict was a way to recruit young Muslims into the Al-Qaeda world. They were all very exercised by the plight of the Palestinians, by what is happening to Palestinians in refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan, as well as the headline issues.

The case of Ibrahim Dar the Awlaki follower shows just how low Lambert has sunk and why he and other Interpal champions should be dismissed by anyone who is serious about challenging extremism. Ibrahim Dar is plainly a fan of the “Al Qaeda world” as well as an employee of the service bureau for Hamas that is Interpal.

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