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Interpal and Hamas: Zaid Hassan Meets Haniyeh

In 2009 35 MPs signed an Early Day Motion (EDM) which objected to

the numerous unsubstantiated allegations of links to terrorism that have been levelled at Interpal and the undeserved and unjust negative impact that these have had on the charity’s reputation and operations

The EDM also

praises Interpal on its efforts to comply with all of the Charity Commission’s recommendations regarding due diligence and monitoring of partners

Perhaps no one ever got around to telling Zaid Hassan (also known as Zaid Yemeni), Interpal’s Birmingham representative. Here he is greeting Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza this summer, while sporting an Interpal vest. Isn’t he happy to meet the big boss!

This was no chance encounter or a matter for regret afterwards. The night before this picture was taken Hassan said he was due to meet Haniyeh and exclaimed this was “so cool”. Afterwards Hassan called meeting Haniyeh an “honour”.

While he was in Gaza, Hassan also met Hamas leader Ahmad Bahar. Bahar has called Jews a “cancerous lump” and beseeched God to “annihilate” Jews, their allies, and “the Americans”. God should take care to “not leave any one of them”.

Hassan is so keen on Hamas that he has added this poster to his Facebook account. It marks the 23d anniversary of the founding of the terrorist group.

And this one from the “armed wing” of Hamas.

Actually, it seems Mr Hassan is rather keen indeed on the “monitoring of partners”. Interpal is the perfect place for him.

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