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Interpal and Hamas: Breakfast With Ismail

The British charity Interpal tends to react furiously when it is linked to Hamas.

So what’s this then?

Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas participates in the breakfast with the martyrs’ families and orphans in Gaza and the ceremony was held in Ramadan food iftar Interpal Foundation charity. August 11, 2011

Was Interpal embarrassed? Oh no. Zaid Hassan (also known as Zaid Yemeni), Interpal’s Birmingham representative, was so pleased that he posted the picture on Facebook.

Perhaps Carter-Ruck should have a word with him.

The High Court heard that Interpal does not support Hamas and would not enjoy its charitable status in this country if it did support Hamas. Interpal is not affiliated to any political (let alone terrorist) organisation, whether officially or unofficially, nor does it support any such organisations.

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