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Suddenly, Assange is against others leaking and profiteering from material that does not strictly belong to them.

Here’s Assange’s rambling and boring statement. Of course, he wants to injunct it. Here is the response of the publishers.

The Guardian has devoted a ‘rolling news story‘ to covering the contents of this autobiography.

I expect that the whole book will be on The Pirate Bay soon. When it is, of course, we’ll be providing you with the torrent link.

PS: The Guardian also reports:

The statement also criticises Assange’s former legal team from law firm Finers Stephens Innocent, led by solicitor Mark Stephens.

Assange says that the advance from Canongate was paid to his former law firm Finers Stephens Innocent “wholly without my consent” and is currently being held by them following a dispute over fees.

Right. So Assange doesn’t even pay his lawyers.

Which is bad news for Index on Censorship Trustee, Mark Stephens – who disgracefully peddled the story that the complaints of the women with whom he’d had unprotected sex, despite their requests – and over which he now faces prosecution – were a “honey trap” conspiracy by the Swedish and American governments.


Apparently, he’s Jesus:

The New York Times’s editor Bill Keller is personally criticised very harshly in prolonged passages, with Assange describing a request from the paper that others published a sensitive story on Afghanistan first as “a piece of strategic cowardice”. “The cock crowed three times, and Bill Kller shamelessly denied us”.

amie notes:

In another illuminating passage, Assange says he was mystified by author Michaela Wrong’s “eruption” when Wikileaks published on its website a pirated PDF of her book about Kenyan corruption, called It’s Our Turn to Eat, because he considered it an important document. (Wong has said that she supports Wikileaks in principle but when she wrote to Assange to protest that her copyright had been infringed, she was told “This book may have been your baby, but it is now Kenya’s son

Alec adds: What to do if you have a Jesus complex and six month old socks? Ask Heather Brookes to be your podiatrist, of course!

Will you be my Mary Magdalene, Heather? And bathe my feet at the cross?

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