Paul Donnachie: Unrepentant Racist

Here is the convicted, unrepentant racist: Paul Donnachie

Here are the judge’s sentencing comments:

Sheriff Charles Macnair QC ordered Donnachie to complete 150 hours community service and pay £300 compensation to Mr Reitblat.

He said: “This was a racist incident. Nobody disputes your right to a political view as to the behaviour of Israel – that’s perfectly legitimate.”

“What you did that night could only do harm for the legitimate cause you espouse to have.

“In particular the part of your behaviour which I find most serious was that you described Mr Reitblat as a terrorist because of his association with Israel.

It’s the direct equivalent of those who suggest that all Muslims are terrorist.”

The judge is right. Paul Donnachie is no different from an English Defence League activist, terrorising Muslims going about their daily business.

Here is this little racist’s reaction:

Outside court, Donnachie said he would appeal his conviction, adding: “I believe the sentence is disproportionate.

“Mr Reitblat was an American studying over here so he’s from a rich family – I hope he gives the compensation to a good cause and doesn’t just fund his own greed.

“I plan on applying to other universities now and going to the West Bank to do something good to fight Israeli occupation.”

That’s the authentic reaction of an unrepentant racist: having being convicted of a crime, he turns the subject to Rich Jews. Scum.

And here’s the reaction of “pro-Palestine protestors”: who I expect are activists with the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign:

Around 50 pro-Palestine protestors turned up at Cupar Sheriff Court to support Donnachie displaying a paint-smeared Israeli flag it to photographers and cameramen and others attempting to bring flags in to the courtroom.

They shouted “shame”, “scandal”, and “democracy has died” when a sheriff told him he was imposing community service as a direct alternative to a prison sentence.

The PSC is no different from the EDL. Racist filth.

But where are the anti-racist organisations, here? Why are they silent about this racist assault?


The JC has an answer to the racist Paul Donnachie’s suggestion that this “rich Jew” should donate his compensation money to a good cause:

He also said he would donate the money to “victims of terror attacks in Israel” including the surviving members of the Fogel family.

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