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Al Quds Day: Losers on the march

As documented in detail by habibi, at least 23 different organisations were apparently involved in this year’s Al Quds Day march in London. That being the case, the turnout for the event was pathetic:

The queue for gigs at Brixton Academy is usually more impressive than this.

What we see here is a collection of cranks and oddballs: people whose chosen hobby is engaging in the fantasy world of extremist political activism. We have the usual bored young Islamists, the Khomeini fetishists, the weirdo self-hating Jews, the Communist flag waving fantasists, and assorted other individuals who clearly need to get a life.

The whole thing seems pathetic, from the poor turnout to the recycled sloganeering. The monotonous and lacklustre chanting of ‘Allahu Akbar’ combined with the presence of a Communist flag marks this march out as the work of people utterly disconnected from real life.

Beyond giving social misfits something to do, I’m not sure what the point of events like this is supposed to be. I mean, sure, I understand that it’s supposed to ‘raise awareness’ of the plight of Palestinians and the evil of the Zionist Entity and so on, but who actually cares?

Take a look at this clip from the event. The only people not involved in demonstrating, counter-demonstrating, filming, or policing enter from the left of the screen at 1:11. Note their complete lack of interest.

It was heartening to see that the George Galloway Fan Club promoted this event, in the sense that Galloway and his supporters have a kind of inverse Midas touch when it comes to politics.

Galloway was a supporter of the USSR and had to cry himself to sleep on the worst day of his life (his words) when it fell.

He brown-nosed the Saddam regime and was the figurehead for the campaigns against military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq. The wars went ahead and Saddam is dead.

He supported ‘the resistance’ in Iraq and Zarqawi got bombed.

He told the people of Syria they should be grateful for having Assad as their leader. As recent events illustrate, they’re not.

It was likewise heartening to see the Communist cultists turned up to this event. I have no idea which group of no-hopers left their bedsits for this particular rally, but doubtless they march under the banner of some impossible to remember and pompous name such as Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist) or whatever. The fact is that, as Reagan promised, freedom and democracy have (with the exception of a few isolated remaining failed states) left Marxism and Leninism on the ash heap of history.

If Communists turn up to support something, you can pretty much guarantee it’s going nowhere, and this is indeed the case.

The IHRC claim to represent Muslims, yet for some reason they can only get a handful of Islamist cranks to turn up at their events. They run absurd dead-end campaigns, such as their effort to get convicted terrorist Omar Abdel Rahman released. It isn’t going to happen. They want Israel to be destroyed, and that isn’t going to happen either. Not now, not ever.

Of course, with all of that said, there are two reasons to find this event disgusting: the fascist ideology it represents, and the fact that some of those involved have received funding or support from mainstream political sources. That is a disgrace and something that must continue to be opposed.

But the fact remains that these people are now, and will continue to be, on the losing side of history. If they campaigned on issues such as council taxes and wheelie bins, they might have a chance, but they don’t. The vast majority of British people have never heard of the IHRC, wouldn’t have a clue what ‘Al Quds’ means, and simply aren’t interested.

The extremists have no popular mandate. The extremists are repulsive in the eyes of the vast majority of people. The extremists will not win.

Gene adds: Potkin Azarmehr, who was among the counter-demonstrators, also reports on the march.

Gene adds: And Richard Millett has more from the march, including this charming photo: