Full Pack for ICTY

Not the first indicted war criminal to have had a taste for stolen paintings, former thug-in-chief of Republika Srpska Krajina, Goran Hadzic has been arrested. He was the last remaining indictee of the ICTY, and wanted for his involvement in some of the earliest massacres of the break-up of Yugoslavia; notably the Battle of Vukovar and Ovcara.

When Hadzic’s collaborators and commanders such as Slobodan Milosevic and Ratko Mladic are discussed at Harry’s Place, there is palable dismay from Chetnik fanboys and others channeling the Ghost of Pavle II. It will be interesting to see if they leap again to the defence of these revauchist fascists, irrendentist nationalists and unreconstructed national socialists considering that the primary victims of his activities were Croats and, therefore, predominately adherents of the “heretical para-synagogue in Rome” (say what you like about that rancid old bigot, Seraphim of Piraeus, he at least has a good turn-of-phrase).

Update: in a “talk about plant photography moment”, I am bumping this up to first billing.

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