Syrian regime supporters go off the rails

Al-Dunya is officially a “private” TV channel in Syria, although obviously it only operates as long as it displays sufficient fealty to the Assad regime.

If anyone doubts the desperation and panic among Syrian supporters of the regime, beyond the assurances of government spokespersons, check out these two clips from recent Al-Dunya programs.

Apparently it’s still OK to admonish the government for not being brutal enough in its crackdown on the opposition.

Update: The Guardian reports:

She may look like the actor Isla Fisher and speak like a Mayfair lady who lunches, but appearances – and words – can be deceptive. As hundreds of refugees fled the Syrian border town Jisr al-Shughour on Thursday, desperate to avoid an expected government clampdown after the killing earlier this week of 120 soldiers, Reem Haddad , the director of Syria’s state TV network, gave an interview to the BBC to account for the crowds pouring into Turkey.

Many have relatives in villages just the other side of the border, she said. “A lot of them find it easy to move across because their relatives are there. It’s a bit like having a problem in your street, and your mum lives in the next street, so you go and visit your mum for a bit.”

(Hat tip: Michael Weiss)

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