Bolivia Lets Vahidi Go

This is a guest post by Fabian from Israel

When I learnt that Ahmad Vahidi, Defense Minister of Iran visited Bolivia invited by the Morales government, and that he apparently* left the country after Argentina’s protest, my first thought was, why wasn’t he detained by Bolivia (Vahidi has a detainment order by Interpol) and delivered to Argentina.

I don’t understand why the fact that he travelled with a diplomatic passport gives him inmunity with regard to Interpol.

It would have been devious and smart to have invited him on false grounds specifically in order to capture him and deliver him to the justice of a friendly country, but apparently, Bolivia considers Iran more of a friend than Argentina. (Yes, I don’t get it either).

Vahidi met Evo Morales twice before the incident. In one of the meetings (ostensibly to inaugurate a “School of defense of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America“) Cuban, Venezuelan, Iranian and Panamenian diplomats were also present.

I am also not especially thrilled by the efforts of the Argentinian government to bring to justice the murderers of 85 people. I think that much more could be done, and I think that many things that have been done are little more than posturing. But this is my impression. Almost 17 years have passed since the bombing. Nizkor.

*It is not clear if Vahidi is still in Bolivia.

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