Which flags do Syrians burn when they have a choice?

Hint: It’s not the American or Israeli flags.

In Hama Syrian protesters burned Iranian, Russian and Chinese flags. (Russia and China blocked a UN resolution condemning the Syrian regime’s use of violence against peaceful demonstrators.)

And while some in the West proclaim that they are all Hezbollah, and wave Hezbollah flags, in the Syrian city of Homs, guess which flag they burned?

“No Iran! No Hezbollah! This is Hezbollah, and God willing we will burn it. God willing. This is, Hezbollah we will burn it, God willing”

“It’s Hezbollah’s turn [to be overthrown] will be after this pig Bashar”

“God willing, We will be victorious over Hezbollah and Bashar Al Assad.”

Just try to imagine such chants at a demonstration in London, and you get an idea how far removed the Western anti-Zionist and “anti-imperialist” Left is from the actual freedom fighters in the Middle East.

(Hat tip: DaveM)

Update: Notice the flag at the lower right featured in 2006 on Lenin’s Tomb, the blog of budding Marxist intellectual and Socialist Workers Party cadre Richard Seymour.

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