French Hypocrisy

While the French media has a problem with bedroom politics, although accusations of rape step are far outside the normal meaning of that term, they apparently have no problem with outing an alleged rape victim, discussing her buttocks, and naming her daughter.

Both Le Figaro and Paris Match have named her teenage daughter. A number of English and French-language websites are posting what they claim is a picture of the accuser, but in at least one case the photos appear to be taken from the Facebook account of a woman who is probably not her — this woman lists herself as being from Cameroon, not Guinea, and says she works as a real estate broker.

Perhaps most disturbingly, Paris Match quotes a number of sources evaluating her hotness. The paper claims that DSK’s lawyers have called her “very unattractive,” but that a source told Europe 1 she was “very pretty.” And a taxi driver allegedly says she has “big boobs and beautiful buttocks.”

Heather Horn of the Atlantic Wire has already pointed out how incongruous it is that French law bans photos of accused parties in handcuffs, but French papers cheerfully publish alleged victims’ names.

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