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“Taking The Piss”

Andy Newman’s latest really made me laugh. He has written an article entitled:


Here’s his beef:

But what is disturbing is the alacrity of mainstream Labour bloggers, like Shamik Das in Left Foot Forward, and Mark Ferguson on Labour List to wade in with the same criticisms, and indeed to give ammunition to the Tory agenda by linking this issue to other things they don’t like about Ken, like his keeping open a working relationship with Tower Hamlets’s independent mayor, Lutfur Rahman.

Mark Ferguson is especially irresponsible tweeting using the “LabourList” brand that this was a mistake by what Mark calls “Foolish Ken”. Given the close association of Labour List with the public perception of the party, its editor should not be undermining the Labour candidate for the London mayoral election, which is an absolutely vital battleground in the campaign to put Ed Miliband into 10 Downing Street.

Let us be clear, both strategically and tactically Ken Livingstone has sound judgement. The Labour Party should position itself as the party committed to the rule of law, and it is right to say so even when the popular mood temporarily applauds vigilantism. That is the correct strategic ground to stand on.

This bit is also funny

Shamik Das plays a red baiting card by condemning Livingstone’s support by Hugo Chavez. This is ridiculous, most voters have no interest at all in Hugo Chavez, but there is a minority of voters who respond positively both to left internationalism, and to the idea of the London mayor representing the city as an important actor on the world stage,

However, what we cannot afford is for Ken to be undermined by ill-disciplined and egotistical voices from within the Labour Party, echoing the same agenda as Andrew Gilligan and Harry’s Place.

Chavez is Left wing? Only among the sort of “Left wing” people who, like Chavez, line up behind Gaddafi, Assad and Ahmadinejad. In any case, doesn’t Livingstone collect a pay check from Chavez?

What makes this article particularly funny, is that it is a call for loyalty to Livingstone: a man who repeatedly shows no loyalty to Labour: running against official Labour candidates, and then supporting Jamaat-e-Islami backed candidates running against an official Labour candidate.

And that call comes from Andy Newman, a former RESPECT National Council member, who since his readmission to Labour (why?!) has used his blog to support the nastiest candidates from the worst political parties in Great Britain.

Silly man.

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