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Can Ken Capisce?

According to today’s Evening Standard, “former mayor Ken Livingstone sparked controversy today by claiming that the killing of Osama bin Laden made President Obama look like a ‘mobster’.”

Controversy? I thinks that’s a polite way of saying that more and more people rightly regard him as a crank and a cynical contrarian.

Let us imagine – awful as it may be to do so – that the 7/7 bombers had managed to kill thousands, not dozens, and the mastermind had succeeded in taking refuge in a remote stronghold, evading justice and planning fresh attacks. Let us then say that MI6 had managed to track him down and killed him in a firefight.

Would Ken have stood with those Londoners who felt justice had been served, allowing those most affected by the terrorist atrocity to find closure, or would he have denounced our government and lectured Londoners about supporting “criminals”?

Does Ken Livingstone understand that most decent people are relieved that Osama Bin Laden is dead and grateful to the brave soldiers who risked their own lives to rid the world of him?

As a city that has suffered al-Qaida terror, let us hope Londoners never again elect this cretin to represent them.

Alan A adds: Left Foot Forward has similar thoughts

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