Who do you believe?

Guest post by DaveM

“We’ll keep on loving you”

“And who said that we don’t want to overthrow the regime?”

Crass propaganda and lies aren’t just the sole preserve of Syrian state media. With the death toll steadily rising, The Daily Mail has produced an article even more toe-curlingly nauseating than Vogue’s.

This comment says all that needs to be said:

Not that I really expected a profound political analysis from the Mail, but this article is an outrage. Asma el Assad is the wife of a dictator – arguably one of the most cynical and bloodiest – and is now mature enough to realise that. Let us stop praising her for growing-up in Acton. She obviously has not managed to learn the value of integrity over there. Similarly, Bashar has not managed to grasp the concept of democracy in the UK. Second, why is that article even suggesting that reforms can somehow be inspired by that lady, or – even more ridiculous – led by her husband. The person who wrote this article has obviously never lived in Syria (or ever vsited it) and never read anything about Syria. The man is descended from a dinasty of hardened assassins and will never introduce ANY democratic reform. Don’t you think that 11 years in power is enough time to introduce just one reform? Any reform? And no his hands are not tied by anyone. That’s just a myth you choose to believe.

–Dissident, Syria, 04/4/2011 03:32

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