The Left

Oh, do get a grip!

Well, after Ed Miliband declared that the anti-cuts movement was just like the anti-Apartheid movement, I suppose it’s only natural that someone would soon claim to be the movement’s Nelson Mandela.

Step forward – courtesy of CiF – Imogen Perry who declares “I’m a political prisoner now”. See, like Mandela, she was held captive for twenty-something hours.

Poor Imogen was “jailed” for her political beliefs, you see. “Saturday has taught us,” she observes, “just how easily questioning the government can land you in a cell.”

Plans are now afoot to preserve her cell for future generations. Groups of tourists will gaze wistfully over the Thames and declare “That’s where they held Imogen Perry for twenty four long hours” before catching a train to Charing Cross. There they will follow the road through Piccadilly and up to the Oxford Street to where she was taken, before catching the shuttle-bus to the place she was held.

It is not yet clear what will happen next. Ms Perry has not revealed her first destination after her long walk to freedom.

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