Gaddafi Running: Presumed Scared


Michael Ezra adds:

The Stop the War Coalition has, of course, come out against intervention: “The Stop the War Coalition is opposed to any military intervention in theLibyan civil war.”  This is despite the fact that the U.N Security Council authorised the use of military force. John Rentoul is quite correct to sarcastically note:

“So all that stuff about Iraq not sanctioned by the UN was just an excuse.”

The Stop the War Coalition will be demonstrating tonight outside Downing Street based on the following slogan:

The lessons of two disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have not been learned. The price paid in the devastation of two countries and hundreds of thousands of deaths will now be extended to the people of Libya. Air attacks on Libya will not help end the civil war but will escalate it and could be the prelude to a much wider war.

If anybody wants to see what deranged human beings look like, they will find a decent amount of specimens at this demonstration.

There is a TUC sponsored march against government cuts on March 26. Earlier today I pondered how long it would be before certain Trotskyists tried to hijack this demonstration by linking it to their opposition to Libyan intervention. I may have been late with this guess because the StWC are, in effect, already doing this with their slogan, “Cut Warfare Not Welfare.” I suspect that we will also see some more slogans along similar lines.

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