The Lewisham Islamic Centre: Promoting Hatred

The Lewisham Islamic Centre in south-east London has a long record of promoting hate preachers. Its own imams in recent years have included Shakeel Begg, who tells Muslims anti-terrorist officers are the devil, and Abu Zubair, the man who issued thinly veiled death threats to Usama Hasan for accepting and teaching evolution.

Tomorrow the centre will stage yet another nasty event. Look at the promotional video. It brackets Tommy Robinson of the EDL and would-be Qur’an burner Pastor Jones with Usama Hasan. This is serious and vile incitement.

One of the speakers, by video link from Saudi Arabia, will be Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid. His views are typical of Saudi extremists.

For example, here he is on why the Jews must be hated, humiliated and defeated. Or have a look at his position on stoning married adulterers to death. It’s great: “it is not permissible to replace stoning with killing by the sword or shooting, because stoning is a more severe punishment and a more effective deterrent”. Jihad against “the kaafirs” is very important too.

It gets worse. This is one of the most depraved messages you can expect to find in extremist circles:

Intercourse with female prisoners of war

At the present time, is it Halal to have a sexual intercourse with your Loundi (a female prisoner of war) without getting married to her?.

Praise be to Allaah.

It is not permissible for a man to have intercourse with anyone except his wife or his female slave (concubine). A wife becomes permissible after shar’i marriage and a concubine becomes permissible to the man who owns her. She may originally be a prisoner of war, and a Muslim may obtain a concubine from the ruler or commander if he took part in fighting in jihad, or if he buys her from her owner. She becomes permissible for him by virtue of his ownership after it is established that she is not pregnant by waiting for one menstrual cycle, or until she has given birth if she is pregnant.

In the answer to question no. 10382 we have stated that Islam permits a man to have intercourse with his slave woman whether he has one or more wives or he is not married.

In the answers to questions no. 5707 and 12562 it states that female prisoners of war may be distributed by the commander in jihad, because he has the choice of either distributing them, or ransoming them or setting them free.

Note that the Lewisham Islamic Centre says “we would like to thank Tayyibun for supporting this initiative working with us to host the speakers”. That’s the Tayyibun Institute, which will do its bit to promote hate preachers at its own conferences at the East London Mosque and Birmingham’s Rex Centre this weekend.

Amusingly, the Lewisham Islamic Centre has been chosen as a partner for hate crime reporting by the local council.

Recognising that some people may feel more comfortable reporting hate crime incidents within their own local community network, the newly extended system means that hate crime can now be reported not just to the Council or Police, but also by contacting one of eight community organisations.

The local police commander said:

I am so proud of the groups who have come forward as sites and I know that they think it is as important as I do to encourage everybody to report crimes so that the police and partners can tackle these unacceptable crimes.

I am sure that the Centre will report itself promptly for promoting hated of Usama Hasan and all the kaafirs out there.

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