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BTW, Saudi troops entered Bahrain

With so much else going on in the world, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that a Saudi-led military force has entered Bahrain to help prop up the island’s monarchy in the face of massive anti-government demonstrations.

Meris Lutz writes for the Los Angeles Times’s Babylon & Beyond blog:

The Doha, Qatar-based Al Jazeera news network has been credited with helping to sustain protest movements across the region with its wall-to-wall coverage, but will its editorial line change now that Qatar has voiced support for Saudi intervention in Bahrain?
Al Jazeera is considered among the most credible Arabic news sources, but it has been accused at certain times of allowing its royal backer’s political affiliations to skew its coverage. Al Jazeera Arabic, in particular, has recently been criticized for what some see as its overly careful handling of violent clashes between Bahraini protesters and government forces.

Update: To its credit Al Jazeera English broadcast this: