A Pair of White Muslim Extremists Threaten Usama Hasan

This is a cross post by Effendi of The Spittoon

The campaign to hound Dr Usama Hasan out of Masjid Tawhid in Leyton as well as to excommunicate him from the mosque and even going as far as to declare him a murtad (an apostate) and a kafir (unbeliever) has grown apace in the beardier parts of the British Islamic blogosphere.

We have already met the salafi jihadi Abu Zubair, who is on record for calling for Usama Hasan’s death both publicly on the premises of Masjid Tawhid and online.

Hitching themselves to this cowardly crusade are two indigenous English converts to Islam, who like to see themselves as white Muslim examples of Malcolm X’s “field Negroes” because these two brave white men “don’t take shit from the Man”, don’t you know.

First off, Dawud [David?] Mannion aka Daw’ud Abu Abdillah Al-Injaliziy, who issued this diatribe called Usama Hasan and his call to Kufr on his blog The Islamic Standard, of which he uses to criticise British troops and praise terrorists. This is his description of the public reaction to Dr Hasan’s lecture on evolution at the Tawhid Mosque:

Usama Hasan then announced a talk where the Taghoot ideology of darwinism was to be taught in the Masjid with the agreement of Suhaib Hasan and the committee.

In this talk, though it only dealt with his belief in evolution, many Muslims walked out, one elderly regular of the Masjid calling Usama a Shaitan, others attempted to refute Usama and were escorted from the premises for attempting to refute this Taghoot ideology in Masjid Tawhid.

He confirmed his belief that Adam (as) was not made by Allah from clay, but instead that Allah used evolution to create Adam (as) and that his parents were not humans, but apes.

Mannion’s implausible recount makes it sound as if those of the congregation who disagreed with Usama Hasan’s thesis on evolution formed an orderly queue, begged to be excused and peacefully walked out of the mosque. Nothing could be further from the truth, by all accounts. Why does he fail to mention the chaos, the tense disrupted atmosphere that Dr Hasan was forced to endure, not to mention the heckling, haranguing or the loud vocal calls for his death?

Since the lecture was delivered, things have come to a head and Dr Hasan has been forced to issue a statement on his blog. Although he has managed to retain his position as imam, it looks very much like a capitulation to the dark forces of Muslim obscurantism. This is depressing indeed but Usama had a parting shot:

This does not excuse the cowardly and fraudulent campaign spreading lies and slander against me over the last two months.

The second of our nasty, befuddled white English converts is Matthew Smith aka Yusuf Smith who runs the popular blogistan site, under the pseudonym Indigo Jo. Smith makes all the same charges of Usama Hasan as Mannion does, but most appalling of all is his dismissal of the reality of the death threats, insinuating that it’s merely a “tactic” employed by Hasan and he has made it all up:

He accuses people of threatening his life; that is the hallmark of the Quilliam group, who are fond of portraying themselves to the mass media as boldly speaking out against extremism when nobody else will (it is a standard tactic of anyone who wants to portray themselves as lone defenders of truth; the death threats do not have to be real). One recalls Hassan Butt, who admitted inflicting stab wounds on himself and attributing it to a “Muslim extremist” who was angry at him for turning against them, when in fact he had made up much of his story about his “adventures” with al-Qa’ida in Pakistan.

Why is it that the life of a Muslim becomes so cheap when you have convinced yourself that you are speaking on behalf of Allah?

There is a very strange irony palpable here. If you were to find an instance of white extremists calling for the victimisation of a British Pakistani Muslim and his family, who tacitly defended the veiled threats and agreed with calls for his death – how would it be defined? Anywhere else it would be described as an “overtly Islamophobic” campaign and the outcry by the usual coterie of far-left and Muslim talking heads would be deafening. But in this case there is a stony silence.

The zealotry of these two idiotic converts may be beyond caricature, but by jumping onto the anti-Usama bandwagon, they are playing a very dangerous and irresponsible game

We hope the authorities have been called in to protect Dr Usama Hasan and his family and to also look into the incitement of hatred and violence by these two white extremists.

Lucy Lips adds:

There are a number of interesting comments, which I’d recommend to you. This one, from “pali” stands out:

I remember listening to a white convert to Islam on the BBC Asian Network in which there was a debate about some religious issue. And he was saying that all the Hindu and Sikh listeners would end up in hell with horrendous tortures if they did not convert to Islam. And the things he said were really sadistic and violent and hateful. And I remember my Dad who was in the car with me saying, that even when the National Front were at their peak, a white man could not get away with such blind hatred for Asians on the BBC like that. But in the name of religion, you can spout a lot of vicious hate, especially if you are a white convert who will scream ‘Islamophobia’ if you so much as call them out for their bigotry.

What a nasty bunch of snide bigots these men are.

Also see the Guardian’s coverage of this business. Plus the “response” from Islamic Awakening.

PS: these are the “non violent extremists” we hear so much about. The ones who we’re supposed to be encouraging, because they keep us safe from Al Qaeda. In reality, they’re more interested in terrorising Muslims with mainstream social and liberal views. Utter filth.

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