Cluedo-less Ex-Coppers

If Matthias Rath Were a Defence Contractor…

… he would promote the ADE-651.

Until now, the only conceivable candidate for the ‘Clueless Ex-Coppers’ tag on HP has been Bob Lambert. Now it also can apply to Jim McCormick, a former officer in the Merseyside Police whose company, ATSC Ltd had been distributing the glorified dowsing rod which the the ADE-651 ‘bomb detector’.

One year after the UK Government imposed an export ban against ATSC Ltd after an investigation by Newsnight demonstrated that this device was even less use than a condom dispenser in the Vatican – one resulted of failed sexual prophylaxis is an unplanned pregnancy (i.e. new life), whilst failed ADE-651 devices have led to dozens or hundreds of deaths in Iraq, to which McCormick’s company had secured contracts of some 85 millions at profit margins of hundreds of thousands of percentages – a further Newsnight report has shown that the same patent is being peddled by other companies operating from Britain.

Obscenely, uniformed British soldiers have been reported to have shown-off this device at arms fayres. It should be stressed they are not being accused of being aware of their inherent garbageness, as McCormick has his bail extended for a fourth time.

There really are no sterile terms I can think of to describe anyone who would be complicit in such a fraud.

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