Shady Alsuleiman on Jihad

Once again David Cameron has promised action against extremists:

After talks with French prime minister Francois Fillon, Mr Cameron said: “I am becoming increasingly convinced it is not enough just to target violent extremism – we have to target extremism itself. We have to drain the water from the swamp in which the violent extremism grows.”

The reality is that the government continues to allow hate preachers into the UK.

One of the latest is Shady Alsuleiman, an Australian who spoke at yesterday’s “Islamic Education and Research Academy” (iERA) event at the Ibis hotel in London.

Apparently this was no oversight. I understand the government did consider him for exclusion last year and decided against it. This is extraordinary when Alsuleiman has promoted al Qaeda preacher and recruiter Anwar al Awlaki and is known as a troublemaker at the Lakemba mosque in Sydney, as reported in this post.

Alsuleiman is no cipher. On the contrary. Simply turn to the website of the Sydney Islamic College, an Islamic training group he set up, to find his frank words. This, for example, is from a sermon on New Year’s Eve. Those celebrating it are engaged in devil worship and bound for hell:

It is the greatest gift to be in the house of Allah in a moment of corruption, in a moment of affliction, you being in the house of Allah worshipping Allah. That’s why the scholars said that in a moment of people committing corruption, a true believer will start worshipping Allah. A true believer will show Allah that he is there for him, worshipping him. Because all this is worship of Satan. A New Year’s party, it’s worship of Satan. A Christmas party, it’s worship of Satan. Any other events are worship of Satan.

Don’t forget what you’ve got in the hereafter, it’s paradise. But for the others, Allah sends them his curse and his anger. That’s not a pleasure. A lot of people think that’s a pleasure. People think “wow, New Year’s Eve, we’ll go out and celebrate, check a party, do this and do that”. Well it’s not a party. It’s a party in the fire of hell. It’s a party with the anger of Allah.

This is typical of his destructive, divisive and spiteful social messages. If politicians who say they are concerned about “community cohesion” ignore them, they are fools.

Much more grave is an extended rant about jihad titled “Path to Knowledge”. For Alsuleiman, jihad is the best of Islam:

The peak of Islam is jihad. Now what does jihad mean? It’s struggling and sacrificing something for the sake of Allah. And mainly jihad is used to sacrifice the soul or money in the path of Allah. That’s what jihad is.

He quickly moves on to death cult rhetoric:

Whoever goes out to fight to uphold the word of Allah, which is “there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger”, he is the one on the path of Allah.

Don’t you ever think, don’t you ever imagine, that the ones that fight and die in the path of Allah are dead. They are with Allah, alive. They are alive, but in a different life, not with the human beings, with the Creator of humans. They are so happy with what Allah has granted them and given them.

The prophet said that every human being that dies does not wish to come back, except the martyrs. They love to come to this life hundreds of times so they can tell Allah “Oh Allah bring us back to this life so we can die again for your sake”.

Indeed neglecting jihad makes one a very bad Muslim:

The one that neglects jihad, the prophet called him a hypocrite. So a sign of a believer is a believer that reminds himself of jihad.

For jihad is often obligatory. In Palestine, for example:

The real jihad, when the Muslims get attacked, it is obligatory on every Muslim in that area to fight back. And what’s going on in Palestine, it is jihad. And that’s a point I would like to make clear to everyone. That what goes on in Palestine, it is jihad, more than 100%. And whoever says “no” is only a person that’s got hypocrisy in his heart. For Muslims to get attacked the way they are getting attacked right now, it is jihad. And whoever fights in that position, he is on the path of Allah. And whoever protects the Muslim countries, he is on the path of Allah. And whoever thinks twice, he’s got hypocrisy in his heart.

And the minimum the Muslims should do outside that area, the minimum, the minimum they should do is support them financially or with prayers. Pray for them. Support them financially. For every cent that goes there, Allah will multiply this. And pray. Oh Allah, send us victory, support the Muslims.

Jihad must be supported in Afghanistan too. In other words, British troops serving there are among the “enemies of Islam” who must be fought.

What’s happening in Palestine, even Afghanistan, we should all at least, as I said, the minimum we should do is pray and strengthen our belief. That’s the first step into jihad is to strengthen your belief. If you want to become a real mujahid, then start strengthening your belief. Work on it. Work on strengthening this belief, on fearing Allah, correcting your intention, before you work on your muscles.

At the end of the speech Alsuleiman offers this supplication on behalf of jihadis all over the world:

Oh Allah give victory to the Muslim Palestinians in Palestine. Oh Allah give them victory on their enemy. Oh Allah give them victory on their enemy. Give victory to the Muslims in Afghanistan and Chechnya. Give victory to all the mujahideen all over the world. Oh Allah, prepare us for the jihad, oh Allah prepare us for the jihad. Oh Allah strengthen us for it, make us be ready for it.

Keep in mind that Alsuleiman delivers these messages in circles that are already known for extremism.

While the UK is contending with a severe terrorist threat.

So why was he allowed into the country?

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