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Colonel Gaddafi Worries About the Winds of Change Blowing Through Libya, Speaks Out of His Backside

They died in the thousands.. If the Kenyan people were to take power into their own hands permanently it would have been worth it. But to take down one president and replace him with another, at the cost of one’s life, what’s the point?

This is what you (Tunisians) are doing now. You’re destroying and burning your country, at the expense of your sons’ lives so you could hand over the rule to another president. Is this the desired end result?

Why don’t you leave the first president in place? He’s been at it for 23 years.

Here are the reports, reports that say that Tunisia was in the best situation possible. There was no crisis worthy of demonstrations.

If it’s a matter of corruption, whether of a particular family, group, or person, this is not something that merits the sacrifice of tens of lives.

How could one die for such a thing as corruption?

Just prosecute them!

Hold a demonstration against them!

Assemble in front of their house and ask your president to prosecute or isolate them.

Don’t you have political representatives who represent you? Plead your case to them. Tell them, oh representatives, bring this (corrupt) person to justice.

You burn down Tunisia, and have your sons killed just because someone is corrupt?

You were foolishly misled by Wikileaks. Misled by things written by lying ambassadors whose intention is to sow enmity and confusion among nations.

These same ambassadors are brought to justice as either witnesses or accused. Let them prove what they have written in Washington, whether it pertains to Tunisia, Libya, Egypt or France. They would be bought to justice, regarding this corruption allegation, let them go ahead and prove it.

You claim that there’s a company an so on, come prove to us that it really exists.

When they lie, they become guilty and will be judged in America and elsewhere. And they shall be judged by several countries.

They’ve created confusion, these Wikileaks, and you fall all over yourselves when reading such things.

You are being foolishly misled, by lying ambassadors.”

Translation provided by Nizo.