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Tommy Sheridan


Lucy Lips adds:

Over at Socialist Unity, John Wight – a male model and soft porn author with a preoccupation with “International Jewry” – has this to say:

Shocking, terrible, disgraceful, sad…

Let those who colluded with the police and the News of the World hang their heads in shame.

Solidarity with Tommy Sheridan, his family and his many supporters up and down the country.

Nice to have enemies like him, really.

Alec adds:

Wight has further expressed preoccupations with hydra-headed monsters and scales falling from eyes, and believes that certain groups of Jews can disguise themselves to look just like us.

Furthermore, given his views on the Po-Po as quoted above, it maybe is not a surprise that he has expressed negative views towards British soldiers:

The people who protect our freedoms are not the troops, never have been the troops, and never will be the troops.

If I see units of the British Army scabbing on behalf of Edinburgh City Council in the event of the binmen going on strike, I’ll be getting stuck in. I’ve got family and friends who work as binmen.

Fuck the troops.


SSP statement on Sheridan conviction for perjury

Tommy Sheridan’s conviction today for perjury was inevitable.

Six years ago, as leader of the Scottish Socialist Party, he proposed to sue a tabloid newspaper over stories he knew to be true and demanded that our party went along with his lies. All his closest friends and political allies of 20 years urged him not to take such a reckless course of action. He will now be dealt with by the judge. We have no desire for vengeance.

What is more important is that all those who have been falsely denounced by him and his allies as liars, plotters, perjurers and forgers have been cleared. The idea that there was a conspiracy involving Rupert Murdoch, Lothian and Borders Police and the SSP is nonsense and yet this is the narrative that Tommy Sheridan’s supporters publicly promoted for the past 4 years.

By his actions over six years, Tommy Sheridan has disgraced himself and negated his political contribution to the socialist cause over 25 years. History will now record that he did more harm to the socialist cause in Scotland than any good he ever did it. That astonishing conclusion would not have been thought possible at the height of the poll tax struggle he led so well, or during his early period in the Scottish Socialist Party and Scottish Parliament.

The SSP reaffirms that its aim is to defend the interests of working people, the millions against the millionaires and to fight for a socialist transformation of society in the interests of the majority.

We now draw a line under this sorry saga and move on. The Scottish Socialist Party has been tested to the limit over the past six years and has proven it is a party of principles and integrity. In this time of savage attacks by the rich against the poor, Scotland more than ever needs a strong left wing socialist party that can be trusted.


Lots of larfs from Scottish Socialist Youth:

The epic saga of Tommy Sheridan begins back in 1964, when his Mum allegedly had a vision of the Blessed Virgin, who prophesied that her unborn son was destined to lead the working class (There are some things in this article that you will see are SARCASM for the purposes of JOKES. This is not one of them. She actually tells folk this story). His birth was accompanied by a double rainbow over the Campsies and the appearance of a new star (OK that last part isn’t in the official Tommy Nativity story).

But not quite as many giggles for Sheridan’s party, Solidarity:

Tommy Sheridan

Solidarity Scotland ’s Socialist Movement today reiterates our support for our Co-Convenor Tommy Sheridan despite the jury’s verdict following the most expensive perjury investigation in Scottish legal history. Tommy Sheridan’s only crime has been to speak truth to power for as long as he has been involved in socialist politics.

For over four long years, Tommy, his wife, their family and other members of Solidarity have found themselves under investigation by the police and the crown office following his libel victory over The News of the World in 2006. During this time and despite the pressure we have found ourselves under, Solidarity as a party has remained united and committed to raising socialist arguments and campaigning on the issues that matter to ordinary people.

We will enter 2011 determined to campaign and fight with renewed vigour against the public sector cuts and austerity measures introduced by a class of politicians determined to make ordinary people pay the price for the bailout of the banks. We will continue to oppose illegal wars, campaign for justice for the Palestinians, support asylum seekers and stand shoulder to shoulder with trade unionists and communities fighting back against the cuts.

We will demonstrate SOLIDARITY WITH those fighting against low pay and oppression. SOLIDARITY AGAINST poverty and discrimination in all its forms. SOLIDARITY FOR an independent socialist nuclear free Scotland .

Between 1999 and 2007, Tommy Sheridan was a fantastic advocate on behalf of the poor, the disadvantaged, the vulnerable and the working class of Scotland as an MSP in the Holyrood Parliament. During this time he had an unparalleled record in raising the issues that matter most in an effective and mature manner. Tommy took only the average wage of a skilled worker, donating the rest back to the socialist movement and worked tirelessly to build the socialist cause. He is a working class fighter who has waged war on poverty and injustice where ever he has found it.

We in Solidarity are proud to call ourselves comrades and friends of Tommy Sheridan.

Update 927, Dhaibhidh C Mhac Dhuihdhlheigh of the Leninist Vanguard (Drumnadrochit Chapter) adds:

I am shocked, I mean shocked that the longest and most expensive perjury trial in Scots legal history was allowed to go ahead when not a penny was spent on investigating the News of the World (apart from those bits spent on investigating them in this investigation).

Tommy has a special place in all our hearts as Gretna FC which, every right thinking person knows, should have thrashed the Real Madrid of Rupert Murdoch on penalties.

As my comrade Sonique was washing the blue dye from his hair, he told me he does not believe that a Glasgow jury even dared to convict Tommy. Which trial were they watching?

I also am disgusted at the truly vile, neocon attacks on my kind and gentle comrade, John Wight. Another fine colleague Wibby Wallwellies is able to put it far more eloquently than me, as he did here:

This is a monstrous outrage! You lumpen scum are not fit to lick John Wight’s polished boots, or the cuffs of his brown shirt. You are not even fit to lick his gleaming helmet.

John understands the molten serenity that will engulf all when the last Jewmonster rattles his final breath. He understands the urges that course through me and the extansible joy, unbound in it’s droniquity, that shudders my body mass when I confront the ultimate solution.

As the Argentinians showed, the hunt will soon start worldwide, and as it’s leaders John and I will ascend to the plateau of divinity, were we will roil in ecstasy and blood.