From the Vaults: Black Flag, July 1976

Regular readers of this series of posts will be aware that in the main I try to avoid extracting from articles that are freely available on line. This has not been a hard and fast rule and there have been some exceptions. The extract in this post is from an anarchist journal that has been scanned in and uploaded to a freely available web page. I simply couldn’t resist:


BLACK FLAG: Organ of the ANARCHIST BLACK CROSS, Vol. 4, No. 9, July 1976.


The following are quotations from a variety of “leftist” politicians and organisations:

On Pre-Marital Sex and Marriage

“Any romantic attachment that goes beyond the distance, outside the marriage bed, is actually a statutory offence, worth six months in jail for the over-eager young man…”

From WOMAN IN CHINA by Helen Snow

“The heart of the question that the comrades are asking is this: Is it anti-communist to have sexual relations with other than husband or wife; is it anti-communist to have sexual relations before marriage?”

PROLETARIAT organ of the Communist Labour Party


“We would never come to believe that a homosexual could embody the conditions and requirements of conduct that could enable us to consider him a true Revolutionary, a true Communist militant.”

Fidel Castro quoted in CASTRO’S CUBA; CUBA’S CASTRO by Lee Lockwood, 1969.

“While gay people can be anti-imperialists, we feel that they cannot be Communists… (H)omosexuality is an ideology of the petty bourgeoisie, and must be clearly distinguished from proletarian ideology.”

Revolutionary Union: Position Paper on Homosexuality.


“If a person did that (masturbates) it would be against the Revolution and he couldn’t be a  Revolutionary.”

Paula Diaz, Cuban Centennial Youth Column leader.

Hat Tip: Poumista

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