Hamas denounces planned visit to Holocaust Museum reports:

Hamas condemned on Saturday the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees for its intention to take excelling Gazan students on a visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

The terror group called the plan “suspicious”, and demanded that the initiative be dropped. It also called on the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank to “take a national stand for halting the moral corruption of superior Palestinian youth”.

“The tours on human rights which UNRWA is organizing abroad, especially in New York, include visits to the Holocaust Museum and the site on which the twin towers stood,” says a statement issued by Hamas.

“UNRWA clerks have offered explanations of the Holocaust, and expressed in them empathy for the Jewish people for what it underwent. UNRWA must focus on materials regarding the rights of the Palestinian refugees without dealing with persecution in other areas of the world,” the statement adds.

The memory of the children of Gaza cannot withstand the suffering of all of the persecuted people around the world. The suffering caused by the Jewish occupiers is enough. Besides, the United States has no claim to human rights, as it violates them every day around the world and in its own territory.”

A few points:

–Credit is due to UNRWA for undertaking this initiative. Let’s hope they can go through with it.

–Hamas apparently has an awfully low opinion of the children of Gaza if it believes they “cannot withstand” learning about what happened to Europe’s Jews during the Second World War.

–Of course Hamas’s worst fear is that Gazan children might come back from such a visit with some degree of sympathy for the Jewish “enemy” and some sense of why Jews consider the State of Israel so vital. And most dreadful of all, from Hamas’s perspective, they might come to support the idea of a State of Israel and a State of Palestine co-existing peacefully.

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