What we are and aren’t harrumphing about

Bob Morris at Politics in the Zeros takes our and other blogs us to task for “harrumphing like neanderthal conservatives” about the latest Wikileaks and about how “governments can have their sleazy lies and evasions exposed for all to see on the Intertubes.”

While I appreciate Morris recognizing that we are indeed a “left blog,” I don’t think that’s what we’re harrumphing about. It’s more about the recklessness of Wikileaks in indiscriminately publishing leaked secret documents without concern for how their publication might, say, endanger lives.

Morris writes:

In a Forbes interview, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange details the damning documents they have on a major US bank (and will those same left blogs be getting their panties in a twist over this too?)

I’ll presume to speak for Harry’s Place by answering: No. I hope Morris can understand the difference.

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