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Bolivarian-style crowd control

However excessively harsh and frightening the tactics of London police may have been in trying to control student protesters, they were a model of professionalism and restraint compared to the behavior of Venezuelan police after a football match at the Olympic stadium in Caracas– unless ripping out seats and throwing them at people is now considered a humane method of crowd control in Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian Republic.

More photos and video here.

(Hat tip: The Devil’s Excrement.)

Alan A adds:

Potkin comments on interviews given by British student protestors to Iranian state TV, and observes:

I support the UK students against tuition fees 100%. I am fully aware of so much government wastage in so many other departments that I know the government plans for tuition fee rises ¬†under the pretence of times of ‘austerity’ is just an excuse to continue with other government spendthrift squanders. A modern civilised society should be able to provide its citizens with free education. If it means dropping some of the ridiculous courses recently sprung up, like David Beckham studies for example, all well and good but tuition fees for tomorrow’s doctors and engineers and scientists etc., definitely no.

Having said that above, I expect students to be knowledgeable citizens who are aware of what goes on around the world. In the footage shown below, some of UK’s halfwits who have managed to enrol on a university course seem to be indifferent or unaware of they are being interviewed by Iranian state TV. Have they no idea what has happened to student protesters in Iran?

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