Heroes for Cageprisoners

Earlier this week we covered the Guardian’s report on men living in Britain going on jihad tours with the Taliban in Afghanistan, where their targets include British soldiers.

It was a shocking report which people found outrageous.

Not Fahad Ansari, the Cageprisoners activist.

You may recall Ansari is the man who sung the praises of “inspirational” al Qaeda preacher and recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki. Ansari also mourned terrorism suspect Faraj Hassan when Hassan died in a traffic accident. But there was a bright spot about Hassan’s passing:

His death however may serve as the fertilizer that serves to revive the spirit of jihad in the Muslims of Britain.

For Ansari, the report in the Guardian too was a bright spot, as you can see on the Cageprisoners website:

Yesterday the Guardian revealed that Afghan men living in the UK were returning to Afghanistan for several months at a time every year to fight against NATO forces there. The manner in which the story was reported was sensational as if it was somewhat surprising that Afghani citizens living abroad would return their homeland to liberate their country from an occupying army. So fundamental a concept is the right of the citizens of a country to resist foreign occupation that it is enshrined in numerous international statutes and treaties and has become a peremptory norm of international law. The Americans waged bloody war against the British colonialists, the French used armed force against the Nazi invaders, and the Afghans took up arms against the Soviets. One can safely assume that if a Frenchman living abroad during the Second World War was known to have returned home to assist his countrymen, he would be lauded today as a hero of the greatest courage. So why such hysterics with today’s Afghans who carry out similar feats? They live in the UK, work here, abide by the law, and pay their taxes. They pose no threat to the British public or Britain. They simply return to their country to liberate it from foreign armies detested by the local population.

Yes, for Ansari, the murderers of British soldiers and countless other victims in Afghanistan are heroes. This is admirable “defensive jihad”. Sod Afghan law and the majority of Afghans who actually detest the Taliban and support foreign troops. And never mind the myriad close connections between jihadis over there and terrorism plots here. No, these men “pose no threat to the British public or Britain”.

None of this matters to the idiot left. Here’s another line-up, this time for a Cageprisoners day of agitation in London on 11 December, including a demonstration at the US embassy.

Join Gareth Peirce, Ken Livingstone, Kate Hudson, Yvonne Ridley, Anas Altakriti, Jeremy Corbyn (MP), Lindsey German, Imam Sulaiman Gani, Weyman Bennet, Andy Worthinhgton, Victoria Brittain, Omar Deghayes and Moazzam Begg on a day to remember Shaker Aamer – Guantanamo’s last Briton.

A few more familiar names can be seen here (click to enlarge):

Amnesty UK is still on board too. Next month it will host Andy Worthington, Cageprisoners’ trained parrot.

Whilst the Quakers of the Rowntree Trust have no problem backing this band of extremists. They have simply dismissed criticism of their grants to Cageprisoners and Moazzam Begg.

What a pitiful state of affairs.


CagePrisoners has now removed Ansari’s article, and replaced it with a letter to the Guardian, which omits the explicitly pro-jihadist material.

Don’t worry. We saved a copy!

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