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Tony Greenstein keeps digging

This is a guest post by Igor

Tony Greenstein has come out fighting in response to the revelation that he tried to fix a Jewish Chronicle online poll in an attempt to portray British Jews as a bunch of racists, and unsurprisingly it isn’t pretty. He writes, in a comment on the original HP thread:

I am in favour of political honesty. Orthodox Rabbis are the most racist and revanchist section of Jewish society and it is only right that they should work with their natural partners.

Those amateur psychologists amongst HP’s readership might like to speculate at this point on the fact that Greenstein is the son of an Orthodox Rabbi. Given that Greenstein began his far left politics in his teens and is now in his fifties, you could read his entire political career as an extreme case of teenage rebellion from which he has never emerged.

Greenstein then goes on to cite two examples of racism from Orthodox Rabbis to prove his point:

Hands up who at HP has heard of Torat HaMelech (The King’s Torah)?

And according to Yizhak Shapiro, the author of the King’s Torah, ‘even the murder of babies and children who pose threat’ to Jews is permitted. This of course was the Nazi pretext for the murder of Jewish children.

And according to the latest pearls of wisdom of ex-Sephardi Chief Rabbi, Ovadiah Yosef, the only purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews.

Greenstein is no different from the Islamophobes who cite the likes of Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Abu Hamza as representative of all observant Muslims, while ignoring all those who display tolerance and respect for those of other faiths.

He then repeats his current favourite myth of cooperation between British Zionists and the EDL before writing:

And unlike most of the tossers here, some of us have actually been active in the fight against neo-Nazis and fascism rather than feed it.

Greenstein has long traded on the image of being an anti-fascist of unmatched purity who once got punched by a neo-Nazi (when telling people that the National Front once beat him up, he neglects to mention that they have also praised his work).

But what is this, on the front page of Greenstein’s blog? A permanent link to Palestine Telegraph, which in the past six months has published a video by the neo-Nazi and former KKK leader David Duke, and an interview with the Holocaust Denier Frederick Toben. Some might call that ‘feeding neo-Nazism’.

And what is this, on the website of the Zionist-conspiracy site MPACUK? A message of support from Greenstein to Asghar Bukhari after Bukhari was exposed as a funder of the neo-Nazi Holocaust Denier David Irving. Greenstein praises Bukhari for “defying” his critics:

I write as someone who is Jewish, but not a Zionist.

This is a very excellent and painfully aware article.

Asghar Bukhari made a mistake and has been honest about that. The one’s who attack their opponents as anti-Semitic, when their movement is the most guilty of all of working with anti-Semites (hence why they’re once again trying to ban Perdition in Scotland which details what they did) are the ones who have problems with anti-Semtism.

Zionism is a Jewish variant of anti-Semitism. After all,even today, if someone tells me I don’t belong in England they are either a Zionist or a fascist and anti-Semite.

The real lesson from this affair is that like the boy who cried wolf, Zionist attacks on people who are not anti-Jewish have one effect, to legitimise anti-Semitism.

I’m glad that Asghar has been so honest and defied those whose stock in trade is guilt and blackmail.

Tony Greenstein

Greenstein then finishes with a reference to Gilad Atzmon. For the uninitiated, Greenstein used to support Atzmon but the pair now hate each other with a passion. I will not bore you with the details, other than to observe that their behaviour is typical of sectarians who reserve their greatest enmity for those whose views are, to an outside observer, almost indistinguishable from their own.

There are some Jewish critics and opponents of Israel who try to persuade other Jews that their support for Israel is misguided; and that Zionism is a terrible mistake that should be consigned to history. Then there is Tony Greenstein, who displays nothing but contempt for other Jews and revels in any opportunity to portray them in a bad light.

There is a word for people who behave that way towards Jews.

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