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Degrees of Stupidity

On Saturday the “Stop the War Coalition” held an Israel hatred meeting at the University of London Union.

Here’s the video of Shamiul Joarder. At one minute in, he says:

“There is absolutely no room for anyone with antisemitic views in the Free Palestine movement”.

That’s quite funny coming from the head of public affairs of Friends of al Aqsa, which is led by Ismail Patel.

Perhaps Mr Joarder, in his position as head of public affairs for Friends of al Aqsa, thinks backing a blood libel by Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet is not antisemitic? This is the section of an article entitled “Is the Zionomedia Kingdom Invincible?”, originally published on September 18, that was subsequently quoted by his organisation:

An August 17th article by Swedish photojournalist Donald Bostrom on longstanding suspicions amongst Palestinians that Israeli soldiers might have been involved in an illegal organ harvest conspiracy predictably sparked controversy and acrimony between the governments of Israel and Sweden.

With their exasperated and precipitate reactions, Israel officials once again underscored the accuracy and precision of an analogy made by the late founder of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who likened the Israel’s stability to a “Spy Nest” some 30 years ago. A government whose very security and stability is threatened by the publication of a critical article should drastically review its policies to see what’s wrong with its trembling foundations. The same rule could be justly applied to Iranian authorities whose severe crackdown on the dissident media highlights major political shortages which the country suffers from; however, the Israeli lobby is so formidable and influential as to convince the “international community” to take its side in the face of such a “legitimacy crisis” while Iran has not ever nurtured such a network of lobbies worldwide.

On the website Friends of al Aqsa quotes, you will find plenty of 9/11 troofery and antisemitic crank Paul Craig Roberts too, amongst other weird finery from its writers.

Here’s rapper Lowkey, another 9/11 troofer, addressing the same ULU meeting. He rants about AIPAC and attacks Harry’s Place (from 6:20) in a bid to vitiate the very meaning of the word antisemitism, to cheers from a presumably university “educated” crowd.

Are London universities offering degrees in racist stupidity?

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