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Panto Politics

In his latest video, cartoon Islamist Anjem Choudhary, of Islam4UK (ex-Al-Muhajiroun) objects to those criticising the English Defence League.

Choudhary is annoyed that Unite Against Fascism and the SWP are trying to portray the EDL as opposed to all Muslims. In fact, says Choudhary, the EDL is really against him and his mates – ‘we got them going in Luton and we are the ones ranting about imposing Sharia in the UK. In other words, It’s all about me’ is basically his message before he goes on to invite the EDL and Casuals United to a debate.

Perhaps he wants to convert them?

In more pantomime politics, the SWP’s Unite Against Fascism is currently running praise for secretary of state for communities John Denham as top story on their website. Wow, when was the last time you saw the SWP or one of its fronts praise a Labour politician? Clearly Denham’s ‘Cable Street’ line about Harrow was enough to get the SWP swooning – yes, it really is that easy with people who get a sexual kick out of street protests.

And the EDL also want the fun to continue of course – here is their ‘promo video’ for a promised demo in Manchester. Will they actually turn up this time or will they sit back and laugh as the SWP again round up some over-excited youngsters to jump about for the cameras?

Choudhary’s video rather gives the game away – they all need each other. The EDL is a fantastic gift to SWP-UAF as they can put aside their total inability to deal with the rise of the BNP and pretend it is the 1970’s again and they are the ANL fighting the NF. The EDL is exactly what Choudhary’s ‘Sharia Roadshow’ is designed to provoke and of course the sight of Trots and Islamists shouting violently on the streets is what the EDL wanted.

It’s all rather silly isn’t it? Except of course that when you take politics on to the street, especially highly-charged racial/religious politics, with football yobs on one side and nutballs yelling about ‘kuffar’ on the other – there is always the chance that it really does spill over into violence – and high-profile violence captured by the tv cameras as well. That of course runs the risk of increasing tension in areas with significant Muslim populations. Which is, I suspect what the EDL’s masterminds, the SWP and Anjam Choudhary would all like.

All extremist organisations know that their best chance of growing comes in situations of polarisation and tension – for the far right it is their ‘race war’ fantasy, for Choudhary and co it is the impending clash between “Muslim v Kafir’ and for the SWP it is the ever-so exciting state of ‘resistance’ or rebellion.

Sensible people should avoid assisting them in their fantasy role-playing.

In fact, could someone introduce them all to paintball? They could be sent off into the hills of Northumbria to re-enact battles from the past.

Perhaps Marc Garlasco could help with the uniforms.

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