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Ken Livingstone Is Working For the Islamic Republic of Iran Propaganda Station

So, Ken Livingstone has started working for the propaganda station of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Press TV publishes, approvingly, Holocaust denial material.

More recently, it published this:

Press TV has excelled itself by running a story that no reputable news outlet had reported: a supposed CIA study predicting the collapse of Israel within 20 years. The only authority cited for this study was “international lawyer Franklin Lamb”. Lamb is a political activist described by Hizbollah’s TV station in Lebanon as “persistent in his support for the just cause of the Lebanese people’s resistance”.

This isn’t the first time Ken Livingstone has spouted forth from a public platform paid for by a racist and unfriendly foreign tyranny:

On 20 March 1983 BBC TV put out an edition of its early Sunday evening magazine, The Money Programme. One of its items was an investigation of the WRP’s financial links with Colonel Gaddafi’s Libyan government.

They concluded that the WRP had got large sums of money from Libya, suggesting a figure of £1.5 million. They noted that Labour Herald (a Labour Party weekly nominally edited by Ken Livingstone) and a paper published by George Galloway, the Dundee Standard, were printed by the WRP. The Money Programme suggested that money from Libya was channelled to the WRP by way of spurious printing contracts and, perhaps, that some of the benefits were being passed on to others in the same way. There were vague allusions to “the ethnic press” receiving Libyan money.

Still, rather Ken Livingstone working for Iran, than Mayor of London.

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