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“Dancing Slags” Terrorist Plotters Convicted

So, the “Dancing Slags” trial has concluded with the conviction of five terrorists, who have been jailed for life.

The judge had this to say:

“You have betrayed this country that has given you every opportunity,” said Sir Michael Astill, QC, the judge at the Old Bailey. “All of you may never be released: it is not a foregone conclusion.”

A couple of things to note.

1. A number of the plotters came from largely non-religious backgrounds, but were inducted into jihadism after coming into contact with Al Muhajiroun and other similar Islamist groups.

2. A number of the plotters had become jihadists well before 9/11, Afghanistan, and Iraq. For some, Kashmir had been the key radicalising issue.

Feel free to discuss the implications of this case below.


Mike in the comments points to a nice piece by Jon Ronson on CiF about his visit to OBM’s jihad training camp in the late 1990s.